Answered By: Sandi Edwards
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There are two common reasons :

  1. You actually aren't "current" - you've graduated from Rice (or have retired).  Rice NetID status changes are updated pretty rapidly.
  2. Your NetID/password are on a "60 minute time out" from the proxy.  If someone has been trying to login to the Rice proxy with your NetID and an incorrect password - and they have made 20 unsuccessful tries in less than 5 minutes - the Rice proxy is set to put this NetID on a 60 minute hold.  This is intended to prevent hacking/intrusion of the proxy, and to prevent our publishers (who can detect this activity at the "proxy door") from locking out the Rice proxy (and all off campus users).

If you're having trouble with your NetID login to the Rice proxy, please let us know through our problem report form with as many details as you can.  Library staff will do our best to help resolve your off-campus access difficulties.

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