Answered By: Kerry Keck
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As of April 1 2011, the New York Times began limiting access to their website, and requiring personal, digital subscriptions.  A reader can access up to 20 articles per month full text (see exceptions below), beyond which they require the subscription: $15 per month.

Institutional subscriptions to the New York Times website are not available, and so Fondren Library cannot provide you access via a blanket library subscription to the newspaper's own website.

Please note that the New York Times articles are available within 24-48 hours from three of the database services we provide to campus, as described in the library's journal portal.

The library has a guide available to provide instruction on how to build stable links into these databases to share articles (see

We understand that the newspaper's own interface is preferable to many.  As is outlined in the NYT Digital Subscriptions FAQ (, they are affording a number of options to expand your access beyond the stated 20 articles, such as using search engines or linking via Facebook (where you can "like" the full, official New York Times or subject subsets such as Science or Theater).  Even these options may be insufficient to your desired level of access, so we encourage you to explore the library's subscription databases among other options.

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